About the Sustainability in Textile Care Committee


The Sustainaibility in Textile Care Committee (STCC) has been formed

to help textile care professionals in all sectors to engage in sustainable

practices, writes Laundry and Cleaning News International editor,

Kathy Bowry.

The STCC isn't here to preach, boss people around or to lecture on

sustainability but to offer practical assistance in the form of a Forum for

the exchange and sharing of ideas and and to provide a Knowledge

Network to enable businesses to engage.


The committee is made up from representatives from commercial textile rental and laundry companies and drycleaning businesses as well as experts in associated fields including suppliers of garments, linen, chemicals and solvents and other products and services.

Every committee member has given their time voluntarily and free of charge because they are committed to helping the industry find ecologially sound and ethical ways of doing business.

This website is a free resource for anybody in textile care to share their views, pass on tips and find information that can help them achieve their aims.