Laundry and Cleaning News is the leading publication for the textile care industry with news, comment and letters, plus marketing, product and technical features and articles about legislation, and business management. 

It covers all sectors of the industry, laundry, textile rental healthcare laundering, drycleaning, OPL and launderette sectors. Material Solutions raises the bar on best practice and information for textile rental landries while our regular What Went Wrong section is a must for drycleaners. It includes case studies as well as hints and tips on how to handle certain garment categories and avoid problems.

Laundry and Cleaning News publishes twelve issues each year with international (LCNi) and UK (LCN) editions appearing in alternate months. In addition it produces special issues for international exhibitions. The journal is subscription-based, and UK subscribers receive all national and international editions, exhibition specials and a yearbook listing products and services, suppliers' names and addresses, and other useful details.

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