Members' Charter

The guiding principles of sustainability are based on a commitment to do

something that demonstrates continuous improvement in ways where People,

Planet, Productivity and Profit all equally matter and benefit. The overall

commitment to do something is based on the development of an organisational

action plan and strategy. Taking that into account, Ken Cupitt, with input

from Fatemah Eskandarypur, have crafted the STCC charter.

Sign up to the STCC Charter and we will send you a certificate, and access to the

STCC artwork and logo to be used in your business to show your green

credentials to the world.

1) The supporter shall be, and remain, aware of the issues and trends

concerning the detrimental effect on the environment pertaining to the cleaning

and laundry industry and shall observe and support legislation, rules and

regulations that are designed to minimise any negative effects on the

environment that may occur by the use of packaging, cleaning or chemical

products in the textile care industry

2) The supporter shall store, use and dispose of all products, chemicals, solvents

and cleaning agents, used in his/her business, in accordance with all laws and

regulations and shall do all things that are necessary to minimise any

negative impact that the use of these may have on the environment,

on the consumer, or on employees or colleagues.

3) The supporter shall do everything possible to promote the acceptance

of an adherence to this Charter and Standards of Practice.

4) Where ever possible all products used are from a sustainable source and

produced by a system that improves the overall carbon and water footprint.                                                                  

5) Sustainable is defined as:  disposable via a reusable, returnable, recyclable programme,

or disposable through a “biodegradable waste system.

6) Biodegradable is defined as taking no longer than 12 months to compost in a landfill environment and decompose – breaking down to be water and carbon dioxide and that it will not release toxic fumes when incinerated in a legally regulated system.

7) Sustainability is defined as: Origin of the sustainable product is an easily, and constantly replaceable source that does not take longer than 20 years if grown naturally. It should ideally be renewable source or natural resource that can be recycled, up-cycled or is compostable and that can be re-manufactured without creating negative impact to the bio-system.

8) Behaviour is to be honourable and business dealings to be above reproach and transparent, including to  encourage and promote responsible business practices such as Fair Trade, Fair Wage and elimination of Modern Day Slavery

9) It is of paramount importance that those accepting the charter conditions operate within a business culture where every goal is to operate in a manner which does not risk damaging the earth, water or the environment surrounding their location. And also to create a positive business culture (both direct and indirect through the supply chain) where the goal is to restore, preserve and enhance the wellbeing footprint of our only liveable eco system – planet earth.

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